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Portugal has 14 wine regions with unique characteristics that make Portuguese wines an international reference.


Muito bom. Muito grato por tudo, um espetáculo. Quando tiveres programação para o verão 2023 nos avise. Queremos vir na vindima com um grupo maior.
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Alexandre Rates
“The weekend in Douro, carried out by WINEnRoute, will be forever engraved in my memory. The estate where we slept, the food experiences, the exclusive boat trip, and the jeep ride through vineyards and historic villages - everything was absolutely outstanding”.
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Carla Cardoso
“I lived one of the best moments of my life through the WINEnROUTE experiences. The care shown in every detail and the authenticity of the experiences make the WINEnROUTE programmes the best gift to enjoy as a couple or as family.”
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Magda Matias da Mota

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